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This game is awesome

but I would prefer the less lag

Thank you, Manucraft!

why cant i pick up things

Use E to pickup items and F to ride animals. Did you try it?

Super good game but I less loading would be great!


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Thank you, DoctorBenx!

 I believe that Turkey will keep your game.


Thank you Paqpa!

Doesn't let me in 

Is it playable on android?

Two Players One Console - we love you guys!

Канал Кейна также сделал видео об этой игре!

And Crainer too!

Oh! UnspeakablePlays guys! He also made a video!

WoW! DanTDM made a video about this game!

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PopularMMOs made a video about our game!

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JeromeASF made an awesome video!