- is MINECRAFT + SLITHER.IO in one dynamic io game!

Grow a snake by eating different minecraft blocks. Eating a diamond block you get the maximum number of points.

Speed up on the left mouse button, but be careful you reduce the length of the snake. Throw TNT at enemies with the right mouse button and get to top 1!

You can provide insurance for your snake by surrounding yourself with your tail. In this case, you are in safe!

You can get a score and blocks by killing an enemy snake. Or you can donate your blocks to the enemy. And you can recover your snake by finding your place of death and pick up blocks.

SlitherCraft will let you have fun and not let you get bored!

This game uses nice and fast hosting to provide good user experience and gameplay. You can learn more about the software that we use by writing to us in discord.

If a player is rude to you, you can send a report to us in discord.


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Thank you Manucraft!